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Monday, December 18, 2006

OK, I'm Ready Too!!!!!

So, I like my sister Barb am now also ready for Christmas. I took the weekend and did absolutely no work (first time in was great!) I spent the weekend baking. At first I wasn't going to bake, after all the kids aren't here. Then I thought (yes, I do think sometimes), WELL GEE NOW (inside family joke), traditions don't need to stop just because the kids aren't here. I therefore made a list of squares and cookies that can be easily packed in a bag lunch, so Bruce can take some on the road with him when he gets called out on bus runs over the holidays (we anticipate he will be gone alot). The house smelled good, "like Christmas".

All the gifts are bought and wrapped, even those for my fur neice and fur nephew. I have sent James' "tradition" to him in Korea (I won't say what it is, 'cause if it hasn't arrived yet, I'll ruin his surprise). As all my kids read my blog, I won't tell you what I got them, but I will say that this year was hard to buy for them. I am going home to see them, so I had to make sure everything I got could be packed in my suitcase.

Christmas Eve, I'll drop in to see Kevin & Wanda and the girls. We plan on having them over on the weekend, but we are trying to coordinate that with Bruce's schedule. Christmas Day I'll get up and open gifts with Bruce (if he's not out on a run). We'll drop over to Stephen and Gayle's for a bit to spend some time with them and the kids, then I hop on my plane home!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be spending the holidays with the kids, being able to go to my traditional family Christmas on Boxing Day, hanging out with my sisters for a bit and being able to hook up with Liz for dinner. The two bitter sweet things are that James will be in Korea, and Bruce will be in Calgary.

So, I'm ready, my mind is already there. I'll see everyone or talk to you over the holidays.


  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger Yankee Doodle said…

    What a blog!

  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger Evie Sears said…

    We're almost ready. I think we've bought everything we're getting for the boys. I won't post photos either, even though they know pretty much what they're getting. I don't know what I'm going to get for Dave!! I'd better think fast, as I'm running out of time!

  • At 9:08 AM, Blogger Dave said…

    One of the things we still need to do is put up our decorations. We have been waiting to do it as a family, but all four have not been home at the same time for weeks. Thursday is the least three of us will be home.

    I would like to put it up in the living room by the TV rather than in the den. There may be room if we move the coffee table to the den. But then again, it may still block the TV.

  • At 9:11 PM, Blogger sare said…

    Merry Christmas to you!!!
    Things aren't quite Christmas here in Korea, but I'm sure it will make the next one all the more joyous.

    Take Care and enjoy the holidays!


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