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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Teacher to Be

This is Alyson, our daughter-in-law, well at least she will be in about 6 weeks. She is sweet, caring, sensitive, independent, very bright and gifted. She is a psychology major and graduates with her degree in June. Psychology.............what a wonderful thing to want to specialize in (not that I'm biased or anything). She is also very good for our son. She is an encourager and is supportive and very proud of him. She has played a key role in the wonderful man he has become.

Today Alyson emailed me with some great news. She has been accepted into Teachers College at the University of Western Ontario for next fall. Western has one the highest quality teachers programs, so it will bode her well in the future. As well, in the province of Ontario, there were over 16,000 applications to Teachers College this year, with only about 5000 spots availbale. I know people in the past who had decent marks who have applied 2 to 3 years in a row before they were accepted. Alyson has been accepted her first year applying.

So Alyson, from Mom & Dad Young.....................WAY TO GO! We are VERY proud of you! You are going to make one AMAZING teacher!


  • At 7:43 AM, Blogger Evie Sears said…

    Congratulations to Alyson! I'm sure she'll love Western Ontario. In addition to being a great school academically, it has a lovely campus (aesthetic appeal is always an important factor in selecting universities!).

  • At 6:32 PM, Blogger Catharine said…

    Great news, Alyson. If you need any ideas for lessons, resource books, or children's books just ask. I have a library. I think my last count was around 3,000 in my classroom and probably the same number at home!


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