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As a friend of mine always says, "We plan, God laughs." You never know what life will bring, but the ride can be a blast!

Monday, May 22, 2006

This is my daughter Jennifer and my son-in-law Kevin. They live back in Onatrio and Jason lives with them. They are an amazing young couple. Jenn is a nurse in emergency medicine. Kevin is a police officer in the same area where Jenn's hospital is. They are able to work alot of the same shifts so that they get alot of time off together. Kevin will pop into the hospital to bring Jenn and her coworkers treats when they are working the same shift. Kevin gets alot of "attention" from the other nurses when he pops in. Hmmm.............I wonder if that's why he pops in.

I am now into count down mode however, as Jenn & Kevin arrive in 12 hours for a 1 week visit. Can you say .............. EXCITED! Bruce has been absolutely hilarious this past week. He has planned all sorts of activities while they are here, including several rounds of golf, white water rafting, and a trip to the top of the mountains in Banff. There are BBQ's planned with Stephen & Gayle and their kids, as well as with Kevin & Wanda.

The funniest thing though has been to watch him get the house "ready". Let's all remember that our house is brand new and we only moved in 3 months ago. Bruce had to ensure there was a new dresser in the guest room so Jenn & Kevin wouldn't have to leave their clothes in their suitcase. Then there's the new TV in the family room. This was so Jenn & Kevin would have their own space to hang out. Yesterday, Bruce polished and waxed the counters in the kitchen. Today, pictures that hadn't made it up yet were hung on the walls, the floors were all washed and polished, the carpets all vacuumed, the garage swept and washed. We picked up top soil for the planters and some preliminary plants. He was eager to get them all planted as well, but I said not yet, as the flowers still need to be delivered. How can I plant without the flowers! I got tired just watching him. He was like the ever ready bunny! He even went to bed earlier than normal. I'm thinkin' that he's thinkin' that tomorrow will come sooner if he goes to sleep early.

That all being said..........................I can't laugh at him too much, 'cause.................. I'M SO EXCITED, MY LITTLE GIRL IS COMING TO VISIT!


  • At 7:31 AM, Blogger Evie Sears said…

    You're all going to have a great time. Do you rent Bruce out? I sure could use his help when I need to get ready for company!


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