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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Are People Totally Deaf!

OK, so I'll come clean.............Bruce and I are total Canadian Idol addicts. Me, I am also a "So You Think You Can Dance" addict.........go figure, 'cuse I have 2 left feet. But I get off topic. Last night was the elimination show for Canadian Idol this week. The top 7 all sang hits from Queen. It was a pretty good show, especially the first 3 singers...............Brain M, Greg N, and Carly Rae J. They were phenominal! The rest was down hill from there.

So what happenned last night? Those top three (and they were the ones pegged for battling it out on the final show) were voted as the BOTTOM 3 by the Canadian public!!!!! I don't know if they are totally deaf or totally DAFT. Maybe they're both. Greg N, a young man with amazing charisma, stage presence, and musical talent was voted "off the island". Even Ben Mulrony, the show's host, decided to stop being politically correct and stated he thought it was wrong, wrong, wrong (I wonder how hard he'll get his hand slapped by the network).

So what are we left with?????? Well, there's the cute blond 16 year old kid from Alberta that thinks he's from southern Texas and can't sing anything without a twang and there's the 17 year old kid from Saskatchewan who has a voice but no charisma what so ever. Then there's the chick from Nfld who looks like and sounds like she's sucking on a prune every time she sings!
But all is not lost (at least not yet). Brian M is still here, Carly Rae is still here, and there's the dark horse rocker from down east. 'Twill be interesting over the coming weeks (& please God, clear the potatoes out of the Canadian public's ears so they are no longer deaf and will therefore be no longer DAFT!)